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Work Experience

As part of the work related learning programme at the academy all Year 10 students will the take part in a week’s “Work Experience” placement. The allocated week runs in July and students are expected to work 5 days – including a Saturday if the company closes during the week.  Students are introduced to this during October and are encouraged and supported to seek out their own placement to gain maximum benefit. Limited placement places are offered through Humber EBP and these are usually available from February. Health & Safety checks are carried out by the Humber EBP service to ensure suitability. Self-canvassed forms need to be completed by the person responsible at the placement and by parents at the earliest opportunity and returned to the front office at the academy. Students may benefit from such placements by securing a good reference, a part time job or the offer of an apprenticeship on leaving school.                                                

Why is it important?

Work experience is one of the most important aspects of the school curriculum, it is much valued at The Axholme Academy which understands and supports the many benefits it brings to your child.

It can help your son/daughter to:

  •  Develop personal and social skills and qualities by enabling them to work with adults
  •  Recognise and develop important key skills, such as communication, team work, research and problem solving, to name a few.
  •  Learn and appreciate some of the demands, responsibilities and tasks of working life.
  •  Apply some of the learning and skills they have developed in school and see where they fit into the workplace.
  •  Compare some of their ideas about careers with the actual experiences in working life.
  •  Be motivated and understand the importance of their own achievements.