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Want to make a positive difference to the education of children and young people in your community? 

Become a School Governor

2 Governor Vacancies:

One Parent Governor

One Community Governor

Who should apply? We would love to hear from Parents who currently have children in the school, or members of the community with an interest in, and commitment to, supporting the academy for the benefit of all our students.

What skills and experience are required? Our strong Governing Board is a team made up of a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience.  No one governor possesses all the necessary skills, and there is plenty of support and training available to assist you in the role.

Governors will ideally have some generic skills and local knowledge.  You may also have specialist knowledge in a particular field.  Knowledge and experience of Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities would be highly desirable.

  • Generic skills, knowledge and experience; experience of governance, strategic planning, self-evaluation, data analysis, chairing, leadership, communications, ability to influence, and handling complaints, grievances and appeals
  • Local knowledge; of the school, local community, parent’s perspective, and local and regional economy and business
  • Specialist knowledge; facilities management, human resource management, education, teaching and training, procurement, work placements and career planning, and safeguarding.

How many vacancies are available? We have one Community Governor vacancy and one Parent Governor vacancy.

Am I eligible to be a Community Governor? A Community Governor must live or work in the community served by the academy or be a person who, in the opinion of the governing body, is committed to the government and success of the Academy.

Applications for Community Governors are considered and agreed by the Governing Body.

Am I eligible to be a Parent Governor? If you have a child registered at the school (as defined by The Children Act 1989) then you are eligible to be a Parent Governor.

There are some exemptions where parents would be disqualified, e.g. if you are an elected member of the local education authority, or have been paid to work at the school for more than 500 hours in any 12-month period commencing on 1 August and finishing on 31 July.  This does not however prevent an eligible parent from nominating or voting in the process.

In the rare event of more applicants than vacancies, a ballot of Academy parents will take place.  EACH parent has one ballot paper irrespective of the number of children at the school and may vote for up to the number of parent governors to be elected.

What is the role of a Governor?  

The Governing Board has 3 core functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  2. Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

Governors and senior leaders use a robust framework to set the strategic direction for their school including improvement priorities, and then monitor progress against the strategic vision.

How do I access further information? 

For more information on the Governing Board and our 2 vacancies go to the Academy website at go to ‘About Us’ and then select ‘Governors’.  For further information Contact us at  or  if you would like to arrange a visit. Alternatively telephone the Academy on 01724 710368 and a member of the Governing Board will ring you back.

How do I apply?

Please complete the relevant application form which is available to download on our website at The Axholme Academy - Vacancies and drop it off at school or forward to  no later than Tuesday 31st August 2021.

Become a Governor and help keep our Academy strong,

making a difference to the children and young people in our community.