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The Weekend the Germans didn’t invade

An audio History Play about 7th/8th September 1940

Performed by members of the Axholme Academy Community
Written by Richard Thorpe
Produced by Richard Thorpe & Abigail Ortiz
 Trailer : click to listen

Part 1:  Waiting: Midnight to 4.43pm 7th September  1940 

Wherein is contained… occasional bombs, raising money for Spitfires, football, the Home Guard preparing; Brass Bands and people generally getting on with life.




Part 2:  Sowing the Wind: 4.43pm 7th September to 4.45am 8th September 1940 

Wherein is contained… the full force of the Blitz arriving over London, Colin Perry’s tour of hilltops in Surrey to watch the Battle of Britain; The Home Guard and Army turning out to see off an invasion that didn’t happen, Captain Watterson’s East London odyssey and the tragedy of HM Trawler Abronia.




Part 3:  Resumption: 4.45am  to Midnight 8th September 1940 

Wherein is contained…. Helping the homeless, reporting to the government, carrying on with cricket matches, going to the cinema, day trips to the seaside, the Day of National Prayer and continuing with the Blitz and waiting for the invasion.





With thanks for their support to:

Richard Baxell
Andy Brockman
Nick Champion
Rachel Jardine
Jamie Jeffers
Alex Kirkland
Sid Lowe
Sir Paul Preston
Simon Rennie
Marlene Sidaway
Lydia Syson