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Student Leadership Roles

Research has shown that many successful people in the world today, held positions of responsibility whilst they were at school.

We encourage students to play an active role in our Academy, offering the opportunity to take up leadership roles at various stages of their learning journey. Below are the roles that students can aspire to, during their time here with us.

Student Council

Every Form Group elects a Form Captain. These are approachable and dependable students, who will take ideas from their peers and bring them to the table at Student Council Meetings.  

Student Council Meetings discuss issues within our Academy, that may concern students. This can be anything from thoughts about sports facilities, future events to uniform ideas. The student council will hold a whole-school referendum each year for students to vote for changes to the academy allowing everyone to contribute to academy wide decisions. 

Reading Mentor

Year 9 students have the opportunity to become a Reading Mentor. This involves patience and empathy, working with younger students to develop their reading skills. This role helps to develop leadership skills in preparation for roles such as Prefect in future years.


Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor roles are for students who have great leadership skills, devoting time to help our younger students achieve the best possible start to their learning journey. Peer Mentors will have great listening skills and a non-judgemental attitude towards their mentees.


Key Stage 4 Sports Leader

Students with a passion for sport are encouraged to become Sports Leaders in Years 10 and 11. Excellent training and organisational skills are key to this role, which is an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills for the future.  

Learning Leader 

Year 10 and Year 11 students, who have established a positive independent learning routine, can apply to become Learning Leaders. Learning Leaders are role models for our younger students, helping them to become more effective learners.  This role also involves showcasing great examples of Review & Restructure materials and organising group competitions.



Our Year 11 Prefects have the opportunity to make a real difference in their final year at our Academy. Our Prefects demonstrate excellent leadership and organisational skills and have an excellent opportunity to shape our Academy for future years.



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