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School Uniform

  • Black blazer embroidered with Academy Logo on pocket. Worn at all times around campus except when the whole Academy is directed by the Principal in hot weather.
  • White blouse or shirt with collar (Long or short-sleeved)
  • Clip on Academy tie/ Alternative ties may be worn for KS4 ILP
  • Graduates / Prefects as directed.
  • Plain black, loose fitting, formal school trousers (zipped pockets are not permitted). Ankles must specifically be loose in fit.
  • Plain, strong, sensible black shoes (no boots or trainers)
  • Black socks


  • Standard Academy blue plaid skirt worn at knee length
  • Black or nude plain tights, black or white ankle socks or bare legs

For further information please review TAA Ready to Learn: Behaviour & Rewards Policy in About Us - Policies.



Optional items

  • Only Academy Jumper or cardigan with logo and royal blue stripe to be worn under the blazer
  • Plain black belt




Essential items:

  • The Axholme Academy black/white polo shirt 

  • The Axholme Academy black shorts

  • Black football socks

  • Trainers (no pumps such as vans/converse etc)

 Additional items to accompany our PE kit:

  • The Axholme Academy black sweatshirt.

  • The Axholme Academy black/white 1/4 zip jumper.

  • The Axholme Academy raincoat.

  • Football boots (moulded rubber studs)

Leggings/skins* not permitted

* except in very cold weather at your Physical Education teacher’s discretion.

Not being R2L in PE

If a student forgets an item of their PE kit (R1 PE Kit) - they are expected to borrow kit and participate as normal. 

If a student refuses to borrow a kit (R2 Coolspot) - they will support another PE class with a role given by that member of staff. 

If they refuse this option or fail to follow the instructions given they’ll receive an R3 and be removed from PE.

Medical exemptions - The PE department should be in receipt of an email, call or note before the lesson to clarify the reason for being excused. 

Students need to bring their kit and change as normal to play an adapted role in lessons - this is non negotiable.


  • No extreme styles or colours (natural colours only) - avoid entirely: Shaved haircuts (inc. mid & high fades), undercuts, shaven lines / shapes and two tone colours. Please be aware that each of these styles are deemed extreme and we politely request that students do not wear these hairstyles during term time.

  • Please contact the school beforehand if you are in any doubt as to whether a particular hairstyle is deemed extreme or hair colour is deemed unnatural.

  • Students found to have an extreme hairstyle or unnatural colour will spend time in the Reflection room until a timeframe for resolving the matter is agreed with parents/carers. Failure to reach a resolution within a reasonable timeframe may result in a lengthy period of time spent in the Reflection room.

  • We don’t allow hats, caps, bandanas or sweatbands except woolly, warm hats for sake of warmth on the journey on cold days. We don’t allow hoods up onsite or coats worn inside except at the discretion of the Principal.

Make Up

No make up, nail varnish or false nails are allowed for Key Stage 3 students. KS4 students can wear cover-up, foundation, mascara and/or blusher but no nail varnish and no false nails.

*** Fake tan and false eyelashes are entirely not allowed in both Key Stages. ***


Jewellery is considered to be unsuitable for school and the school does not accept any responsibility for any such items, including watches etc. However, the following may be worn:

  • One pair of round gold or silver plain studs, one per ear lobe;
  • Digital, analogue or smart watches - Smart watches can be worn but must not be used to interact with a mobile device in school.

All jewellery must be removed for activity lessons;

Students found to be wearing any prohibited item will be requested to remove the item(s).

Jewellery will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day once per term.

Jewellery will be kept for 2 weeks or returned to a parent/carer if any item is confiscated again during that term.

Students refusing to hand over an item of jewellery will be placed in Reflection until it has been handed over.

Note - Members of the pastoral or senior leadership teams can give a discretionary school day to resolve a uniform issue before consequences apply. This will not apply if an item of uniform is listed as a non-negotiable.

Uniform Suppliers

Uniform Direct

You can order direct from them.
The website for our school uniform is :

Tel: +44(0)1522 510016


Website :

Media & Mgmt Printing & Embroidery

PE kit supplied by Media & Mgmt Printing & Embroidery
Tel: +44 1302 364144