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Remote Learning Guidance

The guidance below outlines our graduated response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please refer to the guidance below to check what provision is available for your individual circumstances.

1) Closure of a class or year group bubble

Work for all subjects is being set via Google Classroom when a whole class or year group bubble is self-isolating. Work will be made available for the beginning of each lesson and should be submitted to the teacher by the end of the lesson.

Many teachers are delivering content via Google Meet at the beginning of a lesson, it's therefore essential that students are logged in and able to participate during each timetabled lesson. Please notify the academy if you / your child is unable to access Google services due to technical issues.

We are continuing to register students on a lesson by lesson basis and if a student fails to engage during a specific lesson they will be marked absent.

2) Individual students self-isolating

When an individual student is self-isolating they should follow their existing timetable and complete work as below:

  1. Core subjects: English and Science lessons are set via Google Classroom, Science will also link learning to individual Kerboodle lessons. Maths work should be completed on Hegarty Maths and video links will be shared on Google Classroom to assist students with their understanding.
  2. For all other subjects (unless specific work has been shared via Google Classroom):
    • Click on About us > Curriculum > Curriculum Overview from our homepage to view our Long Term Plans for each year group.
    • Use Long Term Plans to identify topics currently being studied.
    • Use a resource to learn about the topic (we recommend BBC Bitesize, Oak National Academy, GCSE Pod).
    • Watch our Home Learning Guides and download associated documents from here.
    • Create a resource to restructure what they have learned using advice contained in our Home Learning Guides.
    • Email work (either a document or photo) to their teacher for feedback.

3) Local / National Lockdown - Ax@home Learning Planners (Years 7,8 and 9)

Our Ax@home Learning Planners have been developed to help students maintain a structured daily routine with increased flexibility. Planners also enable departments to coordinate support and deliver online learning sessions during lockdown.  Please use the menu to the left to access our daily learning planners.

Ax@home Learning Guides

We have developed a series of learning guides to help students further develop their independent learning skills. Guides are themed around the approaches students should use to:

  • embed learning in long term memory
  • easily recall learning when needed
  • create revision materials
  • organise their independent learning using our suite of Google Apps for Education