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Religious Education

Teacher – Mr D Wayte


RE is about religion, but it is also about so much more! RE affects us all, and the Key Stage 3 course is built around allowing the students to see that there are many different ways to think about certain issues. There is often no right or wrong answer to ethical questions and RE encourages discussion, and allows the students to identify the reasons they think in a certain way.

The course includes: 

Year 7:          

Local Religion; Beliefs and Belonging; Commitment: Vision, Values and Purposes.

Year 8:          

Sacred Earth; Divine Intervention; Religion and the Media

Year 9:          

Morality:  Challenging Issues; Diversity & Conflict; The Life of Jesus / GCSE Skills. 

Year 10:        

Christianity: Key Beliefs, Jesus Christ and Salvation.   Worship and Festivals.

Judaism:  Key Beliefs; Mitzvoth; Covenant; Synagogue and Worship.

Year 11         

Relationships and Family; Religion and Life; The Existence of God and Revelation; Peace and Conflict.