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Peer Mentors


Peer Mentors

"Peer mentors from Key Stage 4 help younger students with friendship issues. Year 7 and Year 8 students say they value the peer mentors' help".       Ofsted Oct 2013.

Year 9 students have the opportunity to apply to become a Peer Mentor in May/June time; all that apply are given an interview. The chosen Peer Mentors are given extensive training by an outside advisor. These sessions are intensive and informative but give the peer mentors the training they require to carry out their roles effectively and responsibly.  During the training sessions the students are given various scenarios and situations to work through to learn the skills needed to be a good peer mentor. Some Peer Mentors have gone on to be trained in specialist areas, including cyber-bullying, smoking cessation and special educational needs with a focus on autism.

Some Peer Mentors are linked with year 7 form groups and run activities during form time. They run a lunchtime club aimed at vulnerable students, where they can play games and socialise in a friendly and supportive environment. Whilst there students can receive help with Independent Learning Tasks and they can speak to the Peer Mentors about any concerns they may have. The Peer Mentors also help to run a table tennis club on Friday lunchtimes.

Peer Mentors deliver assemblies about anti-bullying and how to stay safe; they also visit our feeder primary schools to deliver the anti-bullying message. The Peer Mentors attend functions in the local authority and a few have been awarded the Princess Diana Award.


If you require any further information please contact either:

Mrs C. Carter   


Mrs N Robson