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Subject Leader Miss D Robinson
Second in Maths Mrs L Woodhall
Teacher Ms G Brewer
Teacher Mrs A Brown
Teacher Ms E Leigh
Teacher Mr B Pendrey

Mathematics Curriculum Intent 

Our ambitious Mathematics curriculum, from Year 7, is designed to be bespoke to the individual needs of our learners. Through cumulative knowledge, emphasis is placed on the importance of mathematics to develop students' capacity to think logically and intuitively, building resilience and confidence, this establishes an understanding of the laws of mathematics which govern everything around us.

To ensure a smoother transition into secondary education, through the collaborative partnership established with primary schools, our Year 7 curriculum effectively builds upon content delivered during Key Stage 2. Our spiral based curriculum ensures that the sequencing of skills effectively builds upon previous knowledge and understanding.

We aim to spark a love of maths through inspiring and creative lessons where:

  • Learners become confident and fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics through varied and frequent practise. This promotes development in the conceptual understanding of increasingly complex problems, strengthening the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.

  • Emphasis placed on students’ proficiency promotes mathematical reasoning, following lines of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations to develop their capacity to argue, justify and use proof through mathematical language.

  • Students solve problems by applying their mathematical understanding to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including the skills of breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.

By using frequent question level analysis of each topic assessment, we are able to identify strengths and gaps in knowledge and understanding. This prepares each individual with a personalised pathway for intervention as they progress through their learning journey.

Schemes of work used are fully compliant with the statutory content outlined in the Key Stage 3 and 4 National Curriculum. Students who excel in Mathematics have the opportunity to further their understanding and skills through Core Maths and Statistics tuition, building skills in preparation for GCSE examinations and beyond for A Level and apprenticeships.

All students develop and build upon their knowledge and understanding in 

  • Number

  • Shape, space and measurement

  • Algebra

  • Data handling

  • Thinking skills and logic

  • Cross curricular applications of maths

  • Mathematics in ICT

  • Problem Solving

In order to develop students’ independence and skills we use weekly retrieval learning tasks using Hegartymaths. These tasks are specifically tailored to each individual student and helps to maintain competence of past topics. Flashcards are used, as a restructuring activity, alongside this task in order to aid knowledge retention.

The Mathematics curriculum, from Year 7, is designed to support cross curricular teaching by introducing the skills required to achieve mastery of the chosen material at the relevant time. This develops critical thinking presenting in detail the relationship between mathematics and other subject areas. We work closely to ensure students skills, understanding and vocabulary are widely transferable and consistent.

We pride ourselves on developing critical maths skills to open many doors to our students on the next step of their journey. There is a high demand both in further education and career progression for competency in mathematics. Further strands in our curriculum prepare students for studying STEM subjects beyond GCSE and we aim to inspire our learners to use their finely tuned mathematical skills to consider careers in science, technologies, engineering and maths at our local colleges John Leggott, North Lindsey and the Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire.

Students’ Cultural Capital is nurtured whilst studying Mathematics in the classroom by relating teaching to real life examples, giving students a glimpse of where maths can take them, opening their eyes to the many careers available and seeing maths in action.The structure of our maths curriculum lends itself well to be a strong support for the development of schema through each skill/topic/unit. This enables students to solve cultural problems using cultural facts. We also encourage participation in external competitions such as Maths Challenge, maths nightclub events and Maths Feast for high flyers. Using the whole school 5 year journey of trips and visits, maths has a cross curricular focus developing students' experiences of maths in action around the country.

Students are encouraged to engage in wider reading relevant to Mathematics such as: