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Year 7

  • Diverse lives:  Living in York between 410AD and 1066AD.
  • Why did William win the Campaigns of 1066?
  • What were the consequences of the Norman Conquest?
  • How did religion effect lives in the Middle Ages?
  • What was the impact on Islam on Spain?
  • Why did the Middle Ages end?
  • Early Modern London:  Causes and Consequences.
  • Edinburgh in the Age of Revolutions:  1603-1746.


Year 8

  • Crowle in the Age of Enclosure
  • Why did Britain become the first Industrial nation?
  • Leeds:  The consequences of change in an Industrial City?
  • The changing face of War:  Grimsby and WW1
  • Chicago:  from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression.
  • Hull:  1936-1945  The Impact of Change.


Year 9

  • Explaining the World:  50,000 Years of Change
  • The Jewell in the Crown:  Changing perspectives on the British Empire 
  • Berlin:  Centre of the Twentieth Century
  • The British Abroad: Empire and Emigration
  • What makes History
  • The late Twentieth Century:  All change.


Assessment in Key Stage 3

History aims to make the students independent learners. To this end the students are given a research assignment each half term. At least a third of these assignments will be to answer Historical questions the students devise themselves.