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Teaching Staff

Head of Department : Mr Richard Thorpe

Teacher : Miss N Wright, Mr J Bennett, Miss E Leigh

The Curriculum 

We aim to give students a broad understanding of the sweep of British History over the last 1000 years. Within that we look at key developments and changes, which have created the diversity experienced in the modern world and understand that change is one of the key features of life in the past and present.

The objectives of the department are:

  • To give students an understanding the diversity of the modern world though the events and peoples that shaped it.
  • To develop an analytical approach to sources of information and the interpretation of them.
  • To enable students to communicate effectively, given extended answers to complex questions.
  • To navigate chronologically.
  • To develop a lifelong love of History.

Year 7                       

England’s Evolving Culture [York in the 11th Century];  Norman Lincoln:  Power and religion in the Middle Ages; Why did the Middle Ages come to an end?;  Early Modern London:  England ; The impact of Industrial Change in Crowle, Leeds and Mumbai.

Year 8                       

From Grimsby to the Somme - World War One; Chicago in the Jazz Age; Islamic Spain in the Middle Ages; Scotland and the Union; Hull in the Era of the Second World War 1936-48.

Year 9                       

A brief History of Belief; Britain and India: Post War Dreams 1945+; Health and the People 1000AD to the Present day.

Year 10         

Germany 1890-1945; Norman England 1065-c1100.

Year 11         

Medicine in the Industrial Age and beyond; Conflict in Asia 1950-1975.



  • Murton 1060s: A day spent being an 9th Century English family.
  • Hitler On Trial: GCSE study visit.
  • History Explained: GCSE visit to a heritage site. 
  • Visit to Poland, Berlin, Amsterdam and Munich.