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Career Guidance Students

Not sure what you want to do after school? On this page you can find lots of helpful links to further and higher education providers. Whether you are looking for A’ level choices or an Apprenticeship we have all the information you need.

Remember you can always speak to your careers advisers in school to help you decide on the best course or pathway for you.

Career Guidance In Year 10 - 11

Labour Market Information

LMI Explained

LMI stands for Labour Market Information. LMI is available at local, regional, national and even international level.

A generally accepted definition of LMI is:

‘Any information about the structure and working of a labour market, and any factors likely to influence the structure and working of that market, including: jobs available, people to do those jobs and changes in the business environment

Put simply, there are 3 main parts to labour market information:

  • The Demand Side (the jobs available)
  • The Supply Side (people to do the jobs available)
  • Forces affecting the labour market (e.g. legislation)

Students can access further information by visiting: