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We have a detailed Anti-bullying policy in the policies section of our website. It can be found here Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying can take many forms and cause a great deal of distress for victims. We are very open at the academy in acknowledging that in a community containing hundreds of young people bullying will occur from time to time.

 It is very important that when a student feels that they are being bullied that they tell someone as quickly as possible. We urge friends of victims to tell someone if the victim is reluctant. This is because we need to know about it so that we can tackle it. Our students are encouraged to tell anyone they feel they can talk to. This can include their form tutor, a member of our pastoral team, a subject teacher, a peer mentor, prefect. All of these people will know what to do and pass on the issue to the student support manager for their key stage who will take charge of dealing with the incident.