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Winter Writer's Competition

Two students from Key Stage 3 win a writing competition

Winter writer’s competition

Young people from all over North Lincolnshire have taken part in a Creative Writing competition. The secondary schools and colleges that have taken part are from the local area.

The judge of the competition is Addy Farmer; who’s a published children’s author. Some of the books that have been published are; Grandad’s Bench and Siddharth and Ranki. Have you ever read them?

Her next picture book, Worlds Apart is due out with Frances Lincoln in May 2015.  Her teen novel, The Empty Girl, is a supernatural adventure story of love and loss, and had won the 2014 Northern Writers Award for a work-in-progress.

All the winning entries will be published in an anthology. The writing is based on a picture of a boy/girl holding a lamp at the top of a hill and around them are trees, stars and a shooting star on a dark winter’s night. The style of the writing is up to them; it could be a short story, a poem, a blog or a newspaper article, but must be inspired by the picture. The writing can be up to 500 words or can be as few as 10. There’s no set minimum for the piece of work as it is up to the participant’s to decide

This should help young people discover their creative side and to unleash their true potential. Already so many enthusiastic students have entered and are hoping to win the 1st place prize.

We are pleased to announce that the KS3 winners are Sophie Walker (Year 9) in first place and Barbara-Ann Mclaughlin (Year 7) in second place who will have their work published in an Anthology as well as receiving a Megastar Certificate and a £10.00 Book Token each.

Written by Nathan Virr

If you would like to read their entries you can visit our website