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Art & Music students visit London

Art & Music students enjoy a visit to London

Recently a group of our art and music students went on a cultural trip to London. It was a very inspiring trip, and gave us an insight on real artwork. On the first day we arrived at midday, and enjoyed all you can eat pizza before going on a street art tour around Shoreditch. Seeing the artwork in person made us appreciate it more and realise how much effort was put into it. We learnt about different types of street art (from some being on decorated chewing gum on the pavement, to large pieces on the side of buildings) and the difference between graffiti and street art. After dropping our bags of at the hostel (which reminded us of Harry Potter!) we went to the National Portrait Gallery. We admired artwork from over the years, and one piece that caught our eye was ‘David’ by Sam Taylor-Wood as it was video footage of David Beckham sleeping which showed a more intimate side to him. Then we went to look at the poppies at the Tower of London - each poppy symbolised the loss of a soldier during WWI. This was a peaceful moment, which made us think about what the soldiers sacrificed for us and how thankful we are for them.

The next day, we went to Frankie and Benny’s and enjoyed a full English breakfast. Then we went to the Tate Britain, which is another art gallery. This one featured more sculptures, and in our opinion more bizarre pieces; such as a video of a man jumping around in gorilla suit. Even though they were bizarre, it opened our eyes to a variety of different artwork. Afterwards we went to Camden and went to an all you can eat Chinese restaurant, which was a memorable experience…! Then we were allowed free time to explore Camden market. It was incredibly intense because of the amount of people, however the atmosphere was buzzing. The buildings weren’t ordinary, they were interesting- there was even a Dr Marten on the side of a shop! The trip then came to an end as we returned to Kings Cross station to get the train home. The trip was one we definitely won’t forget; it was full of culture and vibrancy.


Written by Charlotte Smith & Megan Arrowsmith