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The Supergrid Regional Final Challenge

The Supergrid Regional Final Challenge at The Big Bang Fair

At approximately 9 am we arrived at Doncaster Racecourse in order to participate in an engineering challenge at the Big Bang Fair, due to us winning the initial turbine challenge at school. 
For the first couple of hours we were allowed to roam the premises and observe/take part in several stalls and activities located inside the racecourse. We learnt a lot about engineering and asked lots of questions about our future career interests-ranging from music to the RAF.
Then proceeding onto our main activity- what we had arrived there for- we took part in the final of the wind farm challenge representing the UK again we excelled and succeeded as a team. We kept the design the same as our original attempt at school and it worked in our favour. We will be presented with a plaque to reward our achievement. Also, to conclude we were given freddos (which made it all worthwhile.)
After the task, we stayed for a short while and had a satisfying lunch in the Lazarus stand overlooking the lush, green racecourse. Job well done.  
Written by: Neve Stokoe, Bradley Cram, Lauren Hall and Thomas Arrand.