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French Spelling Bee

March's Spelling bee

In the autumn term, most of year 7 started learning to say and spell 50 French words for a French spelling bee. At the end of term, classes held competitions and the eight highest scoring students went through to the next round - with another 50 words to learn!

In spring the eight students played for four places in the regional final and the winning team were Jamie Crane, Caitlin Young, Megan Hornsby and Lewis Vipurs. They then received a further 50 words to learn! On a sunny Thursday in March they went on the school minibus to Hull university, where the regional finals were to take place. The students had worked hard to get there, meeting at lunch time to practise their 150 words.

In front of a crowded room they had to stand up and say and spell, in French, as many words as possible in a minute. The tension in the room was immense! All four students scored their personal best in the competition and were impressed by the amazing speed and accuracy of the winning students.