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STEM Activity Day

STEM Activity day wind farm project

On the 4th February 2014, we took part in an activity in small groups which developed our knowledge on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects which consisted of designing and building our own model wind farms. Each small group represented a different European country. We, as a team, represented the UK.

The first challenge was to test pre-made blades. The blade which was deemed the most successful was different to the rest as it had a trapezium shaped blade-which featured a horizontal edge. It cut through the air better than the other shapes and at first we reached a score of 67mj, putting us around 2nd place. The aim was to produce the cheapest electricity but have the largest number of mj.

 Next, we had to create a tower to support the wind turbine using k-nex and try to keep the tower as light as possible- as it meant the heavier the tower the higher the cost for our company. We, as a team, gained an advantage as we were one of the lightest towers and we managed to support the turbine successfully.

Penultimately, we had to design our own blades then decide whether to use them or the pre-cut blades we already had trialled. Our own blades were made from thick black card and were double-sided however the original blades were a blue corrugated plastic-like material and were only one-sided. We took the measurements from the most successful pre-made blade then slightly expanded the shape and made it more streamlined, ensuring that there were no gaps which would potentially slow the turbine.

Finally, we had to go into competition with the other teams in the big finale. Just as we expected team UK stormed the competition due to our teamwork and trial methods. Because we won, we are taking part in the Big Bang event at Doncaster Racecourse in the summer of this year, representing our school.