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Student Leadership

A central element of the Academy Pledge to our learners is the opportunity to take on positions of Leadership. We've been unable to enjoy our usual standard of outstanding student leadership across the course of this pandemic - as Summer beckons, it's very exciting to be able to announce that applications open this week for exciting ways for our young people to lead us in the Academy. 
Mr Keogh has invited Year 10s to write to him if they would wish to be considered for Prefect. The responsibility and honour of representing the Academy in this way will give opportunity for your child to show early leadership and evidences their clear potential for college applications and the careers that lie beyond. History demonstrates that a great number of highly successful people took on similar roles in their education. Head Students will also be chosen from this cohort of applications.  Letters can arrive by post, sanitised hand or email no later than Monday 12th July. 
In other years too... leadership opportunities are exploding this fortnight: Current Year 9s and 10s have the opportunity to become Sports Leaders, in September, modelling excellence and organising the competitive events which enrich our academy calendar; Current 9s also have the opportunity to apply to become Peer Mentors in their Year 10 - nurturing, empathetic leaders who can support our young Year 7s as they join us in September; and current Year 8 can take on their first whole school leadership roles as a Reading Mentors, next year, supporting with literacy across the Academy and the enrichment of younger, developing readers. Students need only to ask their Form Tutor to nominate them now in order to be considered by the PE, Pastoral and English Departments respectively - before Wednesday 7th July.
In the first weeks of September, we will also elect Form Captains in all yeargroups to sit upon our Academy Council and have a meaningful hand in how we run our Academy. These will complete the suite of opportunities offered for our whole student body to make a difference and demonstrate the talent they have. Please encourage your children to put their name forward this week to lead our Academy through what we all hope will be the beginning of the end.
“Leadership is a series of behaviours rather than a role for heroes.” - Margaret Wheatley
Mr Bennett
Assistant Principal 
- Inclusion and Engagement