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Evie raises money for Clic Sargent

Evie (Year 9) has set herself a challenge, to read 100 books in 100 days. Her aim is to raise as much money as she can for Clic Sargent, a charity that supports children with cancer.

She will be starting her sponsored Readathon on Tuesday 1st June 2021 and will finish the challenge on the 8th September 2021.

CLIC Sargent is a cancer charity that works tirelessly to stop cancer destroying young lives.
They work hard to help when each child and young person needs it the most.
They help limit the damage of cancer by helping build a child or young persons’ resilience, so they can continue to learn, regain their confidence and be inspired to think beyond cancer.

I am trying to raise money for this amazing charity and need your help.
I have set myself a challenge to read one hundred books in one hundred days. 

Below is a list of the books I have challenged my-self to read and the 

1. The Hunger Games series containing 3 books
2. The Gone series containing 6 books
3. The Harry Potter series containing 7 books
4. The Enemy series congaing 7 books
5. The Maze runner series containing 5 books
6. The House of secret series containing 3 books
7. The Secret Breakers series containing 6 books
8. The confessions series containing 4 books
9. The Narnia series containing 7 books
10. Little Women
11. Roald Dahl Collection containing 15 books
12. The Last Survivor’s series containing 6 books
13. The Hobbit
14. The Lord of the Rings series containing 3 books
15. The Percy Jackson series containing 5 books

Here is the link for the Just Giving page.

Thank you for your support.