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A Change to the School Day

Continuing our progress towards becoming an outstanding school

Continuing our progress towards becoming an outstanding school

From September 2013, lunch time will be shortened by 15 minutes meaning that students lunchtime will be from 12.30pm to 1.15pm.  We will continue with 2 x 50 minute periods in the afternoon, meaning that the end of the school day will be brought forwards by 15 minutes to 3.00pm.

We wish to make this change to continue our progress towards becoming an outstanding school. We believe this change will have the following benefits for our students:

-           Improved attitude to learning. Students currently have an hour for lunch.  The number of students on role and the improved efficiency of our new caterers has meant that students typically finish their lunch by 1.00pm.  Although we provide many lunchtime activities for students to engage in, we have noticed that a number of students become unsettled between 1.00pm and 1.30pm. By reducing the amount of lunch time remaining after students have eaten their lunch, we believe they will be in a better frame of mind at the beginning of the afternoon session.

-           More quality learning time. Many studies have shown that students are more effective learners earlier in the school day. By increasing the proportion of lesson time taking place earlier in the school day, we expect to see students being more engaged in their learning during the afternoon.

-           Afterschool intervention and support. The significant improvement in our results is partly due to the amount of individual and small group intervention and support provided outside of lessons.  This proposal will increase the amount of time available for after school support, whilst maintaining our existing amount of lesson time.