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World Down’s Syndrome Day

World Down's Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21st each year and staff and students at The Axholme Academy supported the event this year by wearing odd socks for the day. We posted pictures of our socks on social media with the #InclusionMatters

Down's syndrome is a genetic disorder in which there is a third copy of chromosome 21 in each cell.  People with Down’s Syndrome usually have a learning disability – this doesn’t mean they can’t learn – they’re just slower than others at learning. The theme for World Down's Syndrome Day 2018 was "What I bring to my community."  Staff and students at the Axholme Academy believe that all people with disabilities, not just those with Down's Syndrome, must have opportunities to contribute to the community, live valued lives and  be included in all aspects of society.  We wore our odd socks on March 21st to raise awareness about Down's Syndrome, but more importantly, to celebrate diversity and to remind us to treat everyone equally, irrespective of their abilities or disabilities.