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GCSE PE Athletics moderation at The English Institute of Sport, Sheffield

In collaboration with St Bede’s, Sir John Nelthorpe, Winterton and St. Lawrence, our Year 11 GCSE PE students were given the opportunity to take part in an Athletics event at The English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. 

Participants were able to select the events that they felt they are strongest at and were then videoed competing against students from the other schools. This video evidence will then be analysed, before a mark out of 25 for Athletics is decided upon and each student can use this as 10% of their final GCSE PE grade.

Mr Beesley who leads the GCSE PE class said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to compete in a national sports facility. They gave 100% effort on the day and I am hopeful that some of them have reached a standard where by the mark out of 25 can contribute to their final GCSE PE grade.”