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Nuremberg & Munich Visit

21 students from The Axholme Academy didn’t wait for the snow to fall in North Lincolnshire but went looking for it in Bavaria.  

The group, on a four day visit to Nuremberg and Munich packed a week’s worth of experience as they toured venues connected with the rise of the Nazi Party.  Staying the first night in part of Nuremberg’s castle, the group visited the sites of the Nazi rallies and the 1945 War Crimes Trials before visiting the Christmas markets.  The group moved to Munich and spent Saturday following the route of Hitler’s unsuccessful 1923 Putsch before doing some comparative shopping at the Munich Christmas Markets and eating in the famous Hofbrauahus.  The final day was spent at the Dachau Concentration Camp.

Richard Thorpe, Head of Humanities, said ‘You can’t beat seeing where History happened to get a grasp of how it all fit together.  We also wanted our students to experience modern Germany – the snow was a bonus.