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Fix-up Workshops

On Wednesday the 4th October we hosted a guest speaker from the Fix-up team that came to inspire our KS4 students and help them gain exam success. The whole of KS4 participated in an hour long assembly with host Ayo. 

Then after this 2 workshops were put on for some of our Year 11 students. Topics that were covered in the assembly and the workshops included:

  • What is success? What it means to be successful in KS4 and beyond 
  • Believing in yourself developing the confidence to tackle challenges 
  • Getting motivated learning how to motivate themselves to achieve more 
  • Goals and aspiration setting goals towards a brighter future

All the students and staff enjoyed the inspirational content of the sessions. Comments from students said "it would help with my revision" "Ayo was very energetic, she was lovely and inspired everyone in the room"  "it was brilliant" "loved it, I would love to do Ayo's job" It was brilliant for all students to set goals and develop a confidence that these could be achieved in the summer term 

A great morning had by all.