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French Cafe

Yet another successful French Café took place on the 14th July 2017 at the Axholme Academy with Year 9 students taking on the role of French speaking waiting staff and Year 7 students, and members of staff as customers. Each year this event is held to coincide with the Fête Nationale (Bastille Day) celebrations held in France each year to signify the start of the French revolution which sparked the country's independence.

A delicious variety of refreshments including 'chocolat chaud', 'gaufres' and other traditional French pastries were available. Students (and staff!) spent time ordering in French, taking in the café-style atmosphere. Even Mrs Spencer-Hall's choice in music didn't dampen the atmosphere, especially when she found some French covers of popular English hits to entertain the students! A great time was had by all once again and planning has already begun for next year's event!