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Ofsted – We are good!!

The academy was inspected on 5th July by a team of two inspectors led by Debbie Redhall, HMI. This was a 1 day section 8 inspection for a school judged as good when Ofsted last visited. For us, this was in October 2013.

Inspectors spent the day interviewing staff, visiting lessons, talking to lots of students and looking at books and academy documentation. Inspectors were impressed by the continued positive development of the academy since 2013. The lead inspector will now construct a letter containing inspection findings that will be distributed to parents. It is hoped that this will be before the end of term but it will depend on how efficiently Ofsted process the letter.

Principal, Joe Sellars, said ‘we are delighted to have gone through a really rigorous inspection and been judged to be a good school again. The inspectors were clear that the bar has been raised since 2013 and it is now much harder to be judged as a good school. Many schools previously judged to be good have been downgraded in recent inspections. When we receive the letter from Ofsted we will examine any recommendations closely and use them in our planning for ongoing improvement. I’d like to thank parents and carers for their great support in doing the very best for our students’.