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Disneyland Paris/Netball Visit

On the 9th April 2017, 25 students along with 4 members of staff from The Axholme Academy travelled to Paris in order to take part in an International Netball Festival. Students eagerly anticipated the trip, both the netball and Disneyland aspects! Three jam-packed days were spent playing netball against other schools and clubs from across the country, taking part in coaching master classes and spending time in the Disneyland Paris parks. 

Day 1 and 5 were spent travelling and being thoroughly entertained by our coach driver, Stewart, and owing to our well-timed arrival at the B&B hotel on the outskirts of the Disney area we even managed a quick visit to the Disney Village on the first evening, something unexpected for the girls!

From day 2, the netballing began and the effort put in by the girls, especially when facing challenging opponents, was extremely praiseworthy. Each of the three teams took part in four netball matches throughout the morning and then spent the afternoon and evening in Disneyland Paris, broken up by an evening meal at King Ludwigs.

The morning of Day 3 was spent immersed in a coaching session where the students learnt different tactics for attacking, defending and shooting, alongside taking on certain challenges such as how far they could leap and how long they could hold a plank for. These tactics were invaluable for our match play the following day. This was followed by a visit to the Disneyland park again in the afternoon and evening, this time broken up by a meal at Planet Hollywood.

On Day 4 each of our teams were put into various competitions, dependent on ability, therefore they were playing against similarly matched teams and the games were much more exciting and well fought. All teams worked extremely hard and well as teams and what was evident was that the girls’ netballing ability and their skills as team players improved considerably throughout the course of the trip. In the afternoon and evening the students were given some more time in the parks on what happened to be the 25th Anniversary of the park’s opening, soaking up the electric atmosphere, sampling some last rides, shopping and picking up presents for family members back home. That evening we were invited to a presentation evening, again at King Ludwig’s, where each of our teams managed to claim a trophy. This was an extremely successful trip and Miss Harrison, Mrs Spencer-Hall, Miss Leggott and Miss Richardson would like to thank our students for their super behaviour and participation throughout.

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