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Safeguarding Children – new information and resources on the Academy website

Safeguarding our students is our most important responsibility as a school. We take safeguarding and child protection extremely seriously and our approach to meeting our responsibilities in this area is detailed in our Child Protection and Safeguarding policy.

There are many different ways in which the safety of our students can be threatened both inside and outside school. We want to provide information and sources of support to parents and students so we have developed a new addition to our website. It can be found in safeguarding under the about us tab or by clicking on the link below. It is our intention to populate and update these pages regularly. Visitors to the site will that see blue tabs to the left of the introductory page are labelled with different kinds of safeguarding issues. By clicking on them you will find information and links to aid understanding, gather information and find sources of support.

Safeguarding  Children