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Photo Etching Workshop at JLC

On the 17th February a group of Year 10 students went on an expedition to discover the art of photo etching. This started with a lunch at a Pizza Hut for an all you can eat buffet.  One student who went on the trip stated “The food was amazing!”

Photo etching is also known as chemical etching and is the process where a negative image is placed over aluminium coated with a light sensitive emulsion. This is then exposed to light where the exposed paint is baked and the covered bit remains wet. Acid is then used to remove the remaining emulsion and the ink is rolled onto the surface underwater. The ink only sits in the bits that were protected. A positive image is then printed.

The techniques that were learnt could be used for future artistic talents. The students truly enjoyed the exhibition and they would definitely go again. 

  • photo etching_0001

    photo etching_0001.jpg
    photo etching_0001
  • Jerry Uelsman

    Jerry Uelsman.png
    Jerry Uelsman