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Student Groups


Student Council & Investors in Pupils Group

This year at The Axholme Academy, we are combining our Student Council meetings with Investors in Pupils group meetings. Every form has a Form Leader and a Deputy Form Leader who attend these meetings when needed. In these meetings we discuss issues that students are concerned with at our academy. We get some of these ideas from our Student Suggestion Box in reception. Form Leaders also ask their Form for ideas to bring to meetings. In year 8, we have Set Leaders as well.

Also in these meeting we do tasks that will enable us to hopefully achieve the Investors in Pupils award in the future. So far this year some of our students have organising questions that they can use to find out about the different roles of staff in our academy. Once they have interviewed staff, they will create a noticeboard about the different staff roles.

As well as this, some students have come up with year 8 Set Vision Statements and targets to help their set group work together as a team to achieve their very best throughout this academic year. Watch this space as we will be doing lots of other interesting activities this year as well.



  Form Leaders Deputy Form Leaders
7EW Natasha Gregory Jake Mitchell
7JE Lucas Thompson Mark Whitworth
7EL Lyla Bardauskus Oscar Hill
7BG Joe Jennings Lewis Parkin
7LC Libby Hall Hugo Nikhata
8ZH Grace Peacock Jack Shaw
8JHa Alfie Walker Jack Cowling
8CT Adam Millington Connor Brown
8HW Matthew Rushworth Harry Griffiths
8CD Benji Dannatt Kieran Worviell
9ED Bradley Hirst Aaron Smith
9AM Kyle Chapman Daley Camfield
9ST Emmy Hookway Riley Sothern
9RT Ashley Bainbridge Mark Holt
10KW Eve Jones Sophia Jaques
10LK Caitlyn Edwards Tiffany Robinson
10HC Amy Thornton Bethany Thompson
10CHd Jasmine Holden Tom Brown
11GW Jake Atkins Jack Webster
11EB Sarah Buccieri Tyler Venemore
11JSp William McCullion Sophie Haslam
11LB Charlotte Geddes Lauren Slaney