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The Key Stage 3 science curriculum follows the National Curriculum using the AQA KS3 science syllabus. This logical order of topics uses big ideas and mastery of goals to equip students for success. It also provides a method to follow student progress as their understanding and skills develop. We also aim to develop fundamental scientific investigative and thinking skills, and relate scientific ideas to real life contexts and the personal experiences of students. Where appropriate, we stretch students beyond the national curriculum to maximise engagement and inspire a love of science. Topics are, broadly speaking, divided equally between physics, chemistry and biology, but fundamental concepts and skills are taught to be applied across the academic boundaries. Students complete Key Stage 3 at the end of Year 8, at which point they commence the first units of GCSE AQA science that enable them to then opt for the separate sciences, or combined science, in Year 10.

Information about the course can be found by following this link:

All students follow the same schemes of learning by which science skills and knowledge are concurrently developed. Teaching and learning techniques are differentiated depending on student ability and personalised support.


Year 9 students will study the AQA Science GCSEs. Information about the course can be found by following this link:

Students will then make a choice whether to follow the combined science courses in Year 10 and Year 11 or choose the three separate Science GCSE courses (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). 

Information about the separate science GCSEs courses can be found by following these links:

Teaching Staff

Head of Science                                         Mrs M Miriello                     
Science Teacher Mrs Z Hall
Science Teacher Mrs A Pendrey
Science Teacher Miss A Davies
Science Teacher Mr M Liddle
Science/Maths Teacher Mr B Pendrey