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Parents' Evenings

Parents' Evenings 2018/19

  • Year 7 Settling In Evening - 17th October 2018
  • Y7 Parents' Evening - 26th June 2019
  • Y8 Parents' Evening - 1st May 2019
  • Y9 Parents' Evening - 12th December 2018
  • Y10 Parents' Evening - 30th January 2019
  • Y11 Parents' Evening - 7th November 2018

The week before your child's parents' evening you will receive their annual written report and details of how to book appointments for the parents' evening.  To ensure that our teachers are able to provide the best possible education for your child whilst also giving parents the information that they want and have asked for, the written report includes subject specific statements about what your child can and cannot do at the moment as well as setting them targets to improve their behaviour for learning.  The report is an ideal document for parents/carers who wish to support their child to improve in a particular subject as it focuses attention on the areas that will be of most benefit.  In addition to this the behaviour for learning targets can be used to prompt discussion about your child's effort either in particular subjects or, where the same target repeats across subjects, about their effort in general.

Whilst this level of detail meets the needs that a significant number of parents/carers identified in parent questionnaires last year, there were also many parents who said that they simply wanted a more general personal comment about how their child was getting on and if they were doing okay.  The comments made in the parent questionnaires said that, that is something that we do very well at parents' evenings and so we would encourage all parents/carers to attend parents' evenings, not necessarily to see all of their child's teachers but to be able to sit down and speak to those where they do particularly want to know how their child is doing, be that because the subject is important in terms of what the child is planning to do in the future, because they have a particular passion for that subject or perhaps it is something that they have tended to struggle in.

We are now using an online booking system for parents' evening appointments which allows parents/carers to have full control over their appointments rather than having to rely on their child to make the desired appointments.  You will receive an invitation to book appointments at the same time as written reports are sent out.  You simply need to click on the link that is provided and then you can make appointments with your child's teachers, please note that if you are doing this on a computer you will have to confirm your child's first name before you make appointments and this will be the full legal name that we have on our system.  Step by step instructions can be found below with one guide for if you are making the appointments on a computer and another if you are using a mobile device.  

We encourage parents/carers to make appointments as soon as they have received their child's written report as there are obviously only a certain number of appointments available for each teacher.  Please note that the booking system will be closed at 3pm the day before parents' evening so that we can provide our teachers with their appointment lists and give them time to prepare.  Unfortunately that means at the moment that parents/carers will no longer be able to access the online system so you do need to record your appointments when you make them; this is something that we have spoken to the company behind the booking system about and they are looking at making the necessary changes to allow parents/carers to still be able to see their appointments at this time.

To enable our teachers to see as many parents as possible we would appreciate it if you could only book one appointment with each teacher even if they teach your child multiple subjects.  If you are unable to book an appointment with a certain teacher then they may be able to see you on the night if they have time but parents who have made appointments will be prioritised so this may not be possible in which case please do call the school to speak to that teacher after parents' evening if that is still something that you wish to do.