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This is a good school!

Ofsted Inspection Report - October 29th & 30th 2013

This is the best report that this school has ever received. As you will see we are judged to be good in all four key areas and for overall effectiveness.

In November 2010, when we were last inspected were judged to be good overall. However, it is important to understand that it is much harder to gain good judgements under the current inspection framework. Ofsted tell us that ‘the bar has been raised’ and it certainly has. During a very intense two days it became apparent that we were very close to outstanding judgements. We were told that the academy has made ‘great strides forward since the last inspection’. We will now work relentlessly towards securing outstanding outcomes next time we are inspected. In the meantime I would like to draw your attention to some of the very impressive highlights from the report –

  • Achievement in maths is outstanding
  • Achievement overall continues to improve
  • The curriculum offers broad and exciting opportunities to students
  • Teachers have good subject knowledge giving students a range of engaging activities helping them make good progress
  • Students feel safe and are safe. All forms of bullying are very rare and bullying is dealt with if it occurs. The majority of parents agree the school deals effectively with bullying
  • Students’ behaviour is very good. They are very proud of the academy and have excellent relationships with each other and with staff
  • Parents are very positive about the school. The majority of parents would recommend the academy to other parents
  • Care and support for students is good. The academy knows which students are at risk of not doing well and there are strong systems in place to make better progress

Joe Sellars