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The Mathematics Department

Throughout their time at the academy students develop their knowledge and understanding of particular topics in the areas of algebra, number, ratio & proportion, geometry & measures, statistics and probability.  They also develop skills which will allow them to be successful at problem solving not just in mathematics but in their other subjects and wider life too.  We aim for all of our learners to develop an enjoyment of mathematics whatever level they are working at.

To ensure that they make the best possible progress students need to have the correct equipment in all mathematics lessons.  It is particularly important that students have their own calculator with them so that they become familiar with the way in which it works and can use it efficiently.  We recommend the Casio fx-83GT Plus.

In the summer term of Y11 our students sit the new GCSE Mathematics graded from 1 to 9.  This GCSE has new content compared to the old style GCSE and a significant change in the style of questioning.  It is really important that parents who are supporting their children know this and ensure that any revision materials at home are for the new style GCSE. We have chosen to enter our students for the Edexcel specification.

Whilst we do what we can to maximise students’ progress whilst they are in school, we value the support of parents/carers which can be given in the following ways:

  • Ensure that your child spends time completing their independent learning tasks (ILTs) to the best of their ability;
  • Encourage your child to use online resources to reinforce their learning of particular topics
  • Contact your child’s mathematics teacher immediately if you have any concerns about your child’s learning of mathematics

Subject Teachers

Miss D Robinson – Head of Mathematics

Miss L Pearson

Miss L Collins 

Miss E Leigh

Mr B Pendrey

Mr I Kelly