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KS4 - Computer Science

This course gives an insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in computing, including a real, in-depth understanding of how computer technology works.

The course provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment in the field of computer science. The increasing importance of information technologies means there will be a growing demand for professionals who are qualified in this area. Students who’ve taken a GCSE in Computer Science and who then progress to study the subject at A Level or university will have an advantage over their peers who are picking up the subject at these levels.

Independent Learning

Throughout this course students are expected to work independently inside and outside of lessons. During lessons students must remain disciplined when programming in order to solve problems and fix coding errors.

Students are expected to spend time coding outside lessons to embed the skills covered during lessons. During Year 10 students complete weekly Computational Thinking ILTs and during Year 11 students will develop a range of algorithms complete practice exam questions for ILTs.

Course Content

1. Algorithms 5. Computer Networks
2. Programming 6. Cyber Security
3. Data Representation 7. Ethical, Legal and Environmental impacts
4. Computer Systems 8. Software Development

Course Structure