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KS3 Recipe Sheets

All ingredients sheets include all the ingredients your child will need for the practical lesson with the amount which is needed. 

The items which are only needed in a very small quantities for example, 1 tsp of or a pinch of etc will be available in school for them to use. 

Can you please make sure that all other ingredients are weighed out by YOUR CHILD at home before the lesson as this is part of their independent learning and this also ensures we have enough time to complete the practical within a 50 minute lesson. 

It may be that the vegetables need chopping at home, this is to save time in order to learn new skills, as I always assess their chopping skills at the start of the food rotation. 

If you have any problems with any of the recipes or getting the ingredients please do not hesitate to contact me, however please give plenty of time in order for me to address the issue.

Please download a copy of the KS3 ingredients list below.

Mrs. Brennen

Food and Nutrition Teacher