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Exam Information & Timetables

Exam Windows

Y7 Entry Tests Thursday 12th September 2019
  Friday 13th September 2019
Y11 Mock Exams: French Speaking Monday 11th November - Thursday 14th November 2019
GCSE External Examinations: Music Performing Friday 15th November 2019
Y11 Mock Exams Monday 18th November - Friday 29th November 2019
Y11 Mock Exams: Art & Textiles Practical Monday 9th December 2019
Y11 Mock Results Day Wednesday 11th December 2019
GCSE External Examinations: Music Performing Monday 20th January 2020
GCSE External Examinations: Food Practical Wednesday 26th February 2020
Y10 Mock Exams: French Speaking Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April 2020
Y7-Y9 Assessment Exams Wednesday 22nd April - Friday 24th April 2020
GCSE External Examinations: French Speaking Monday 27th April - Thursday 30th April 2020
Y10 Mock Exams Monday 27th April - Friday 8th May 2020
Y10 Mock Results Day Wednesday 20th May 2020
GCSE External Examinations Monday 11th May - Thursday 18th June 2020
GCSE Art & Textiles Moderation Days Monday 22nd June 2020
  Tuesday 23rd June 2020
JCQ Contingency Day Wednesday 24th June 2020
GCSE Results Day Thursday 20th August 2020

Y11 Mock Exam Timetable 

Date 8.45am Length 1.15pm Length
Mon 18th Nov English Literature 2hr30min Computer Science: P1 1hr
      History: Germany 1hr
      Religious Education: P2 1hr30min
      Geography: P1 1hr30min
Tues 19th Nov Maths: P1 1hr30min English Language 1hr45min
Wed 20th Nov Computer Science: P2 1hr Music: Listening 1hr45min
  History: Health & The Normans 2hrs    
  Religious Education: P1 1hr45min    
  Geography: P3 1hr15min    
Thurs 21st Nov Combined Science: Physics 1hr15min    
  Triple Science: Physics 1hr45min    
Fri 22nd Nov Maths: P2 1hr30min French Writing: Foundation 1hr
      French Writing: Higher 1hr15min
Mon 25th Nov Maths: P3 1hr30min Physical Education: P1 1hr15min
Tues 26th Nov Y10 English Literature 1hr45min BTEC Sport 1hr
      BTEC Business Enterprise 1hr15min
Wed 27th Nov Physical Education: P2 1hr15min    
  Design Technology 2hrs    
Thurs 28th Nov French Listening & Reading (F) 35+45min ICT 1hr15min
  French Listening & Reading (H) 45min+1hr    
Fri 29th Nov BTEC Health & Social Care 2hrs    
Mon 9th Dec Art & Textiles Practical  Full Day