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Design & Technology

Design and Technology enables students to combine practical and technological creative thinking, in order to successfully design and make quality products that meet specific criteria. Students engage in various activities and often work as part of a team or take part in problem solving, as individuals.

Students follow a statutory programme of study at KS3 (on a rotational basis). We aim to provide each student with a broad experience in D&T. During the rotations students study all areas of technology, including Food and Textiles, Product Design. Lessons are fun and engaging, students learn about the design process of a product linking to industry and the world of work. Students are encouraged to be creative and show innovation.

If students wish to continue studying D&T they can specialise with one option at KS4 (studying a full course over 2 years). Students can choose from Food, Product Design or Textiles. At GCSE level the exam courses enable students to realise their full potential at whatever ability level.

Students build upon their practical skills by applying previous knowledge and understanding. Students work collaboratively, learning how to be critical thinkers, analyse and evaluate existing products, consider health/safety aspects, consider the conflicting demands that moral, cultural, economic, and social values can make. Students learn about the environmental and sustainability issues when designing and making products. Students have the confidence to use their knowledge and understanding to enable them to modify and evaluate products for a specific target market.

Teacher Information

Liane Kinroy:

Teacher of Textiles in KS3 & KS4 Technology. Head of department 

Mr S Thompson:

Teacher of Product Design in KS3 & KS4 Technology

Katie Brennan:

Teacher of Food Preparation and Nutrition in KS3 & KS4 Technology 

Jane Straker:

Teacher of Food Preparation and Nutrition in KS3 & KS4 Technology