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Apps and Websites for Language Learners




Duolinguo    Enhances basics of a language.
Memrise Search for the module currently being worked on to get module specific vocabulary.
Quizlet As above. Plus create your own quizlets to test vocabulary that you need to learn.
Word Reference A quick reference dictionary for translation support


I am Learning: KS3 French £1.49 Revision and assessment tool with games


WEBSITES Vocabulary learning website Games and quizzes on the modules studied   Lots of interactive resources in several languages A range of activities, including videos in several languages and at several levels   A radio station based in London which covers home, French and world news in French.  
http://www.libé French newspaper websites. To enhance this experience further these could be visited through and change the language to ‘French to English’. This this allows you to hover over words that are unfamiliar and a definition given.